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New Holland Agriculture
Boomer 41


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If you have a large property and a wide variety of chores, step up to a deluxe Boomer™ Compact Tractor. Their exceptional power, maneuverability and ease of operation make them ideal for homeowners and part-time farmers alike.

Engine Features
  • Higher Power and Performance: Whether you use your tractor to maintain a few acres or you depend on it to make a living, Boomer™ compact tractors will deliver. In all, there are four models ranging from 33-47 hp to choose from. As a rule of thumb, the more work you do in a typical week, the greater the horsepower you’ll want.
  • Durable Engines: Proven 3 and 4 cylinder diesel engines with 91 to 135 cubic inches of displacement provide power for your toughest chores.
  • Exceptional Drivetrain Efficiency: To make you more productive when using implements powered by the rear or mid PTO, Boomer compact tractors are designed with drivetrain components that provide maximum PTO horsepower while minimizing engine power loss.
  • Well-Equipped for Inclement Weather: To ensure fast starts in cold weather, Boomer compact tractors come equipped with a quick-heating glow plug and a heavy-duty 660 CCA battery that provides plenty of cranking power.
  • Made to Accommodate More: Superior battery charging and the capability to handle the higher demand of additional electrical accessories provided by a 85-amp alternator.
Transmission Features
  • Freedom of Choice Comes Standard: Everybody’s needs are unique. That’s why Boomer™ compact tractors are available with two transmission options: a Hydrostatic Transmission, or a Syncronized Shuttle Shift Gear Transmission (Boomer 33/37 = 12x12 SSS; Boomer 41/47 = 16x16 SSS).
  • Option 1: Hydrostatic Transmission (HST): For smooth and easy operation, a Hydrostatic Transmission is your best choice. It allows you to adjust your speed—and change from forward to reverse—using two foot pedals; one to move forward and one to move backwards. There's no need to engage a clutch or adjust shift levers. This transmission is simple to use even for the novice operator.
  • Option 2: Synchronized Shuttle Shift (SSS): If you perform tasks that require shifting between forward and reverse repeatedly, and you prefer a traditional transmission, the SSS transmission can make it easier. The Boomer 33/37 utilize 12x12 SSS transmissions, while the larger Boomer 41/47 use 16x16 SSS transmissions. The shuttle lever (mounted on the left of the steering column) and the gears are synchronized, so there’s no need to come to a complete stop before shuttling or changing gears.
  • Cruise Through Tedious Tasks: Give your right foot a rest. Select and maintain a constant working speed with the standard cruise control (offered on HST models). It really comes in handy for mowing larger properties and transporting your tractor from one location to another.
Hitch and Hydraulics
  • Take on Harder Tasks with High-Powered Hydraulics: Whether you need to load mulch, mow the lawn, clear a pasture, dig a trench, till a garden, remove snow or install a fence, Boomer™ compact tractors are up to the challenge. Better yet, with a three-point hitch lift capacity of up to 2756 pounds, you can do all of the above with larger, more efficient implements.
  • Ample Power to Go Around: A dedicated steering pump ensures responsive true Hydrostatic Power Steering. A separate implement pump with 8.2-gpm flow powers implements. This way, one system won’t tax the other during demanding conditions.
  • Deluxe Three-Point Hitch: When hooking up implements is easy and convenient, tasks become easier, too. Handy features include: Flexible link ends; Crank-type leveling mechanism; Telescoping stabilizers; Swinging/extendible drawbar; Category I implement ball ends
  • Consistency Made Convenient: For consistent results when plowing or grading, an adjustable stop on the hydraulic position control lever allows you to return the three-point hitch to a preset position.
Operator Platform
  • Operator Platform: Available in a cab or open platform option, the logical control placement of the Boomer™ allows you to get each job done more quickly and efficiently, and with less fatigue. And Boomer compact tractors adjust to suit operators of all sizes, so it will easily become everyone's favorite tractor. The cab model is radio ready and heat and air conditioning, interior lighting, front window sunscreen, 12-volt interior power outlet, interior rearview mirror, easy-access exterior filters, front wiper and washer and front cab roof work lights all come standard.
  • Clearly Marked, Intuitively Placed Controls: You can be confident of your every move because all controls are labeled with their functions. For easier access, contoured fenders to your right and left house the transmission, PTO and three-point hitch controls. Throughout the tractor, levers, buttons and handles are where you’d expect them to be.
  • Automotive-Style Dashboard: The easy-to-read dashboard instrumentation includes fuel gauge, temperature gauge, tachometer, PTO speed indicator, hourmeter, cold starting aid indicator and warning lights for engine oil pressure and battery charge.
  • Forward Visibility Comes First: One thing you’ll notice and appreciate right away is that the sloped hood gives you excellent forward visibility from the tractor seat. That’s because we put the muffler under the hood, and not in your line of sight like on competitive tractors.
  • The steering wheel tilts for maximum comfort.
  • Safety-start system includes an operator-presence switch that shuts the tractor off if you leave the seat when certain criteria are met.
  • The suspension seat is adjustable for weight and position to accommodate any sized operator
  • Sound dampening rubber floor mat is standard on all models
  • Plow windows also keep noise and dust out of the operator area
  • Cup holder and tray are conveniently positioned for the operators use
  • Foldable ROPS are standard on every model to make storage more accessible.
  • New Boomer™ "Five-Year" Limited Warranty: For well over a century, New Holland has been providing farmers across North America with the hardworking, long-lasting equipment they need to care for their land. That farm-raised experience shows in the quality and operator-friendly features of our tractors. And unlike many of the other short-liners or startups that are appearing in this market, we'll be around for years to come. Our new five-year limited powertrain warranty on all Boomer 33/37/41/47 deluxe compact tractors is the best in the industry. It includes the two-year limited "bumper-to-bumper" warranty and adds three more years to powertrain components, for a total of up to five years.
  • Maintenance Meets Convenience: Maintaining a Boomer™ compact tractor is easy because all routine maintenance points are located in easy to reach spots. Plus, you can easily check engine oil level without raising the hood and without removing the loader.
  • Access Doesn't Get Any Easier: For easy access to the engine, radiator, air cleaner, power steering reservoir and battery, the hood raises and pivots forward. Even when a loader or front blade is attached. There are no side shields to be removed, lost or damaged.
  • Fill Up Less Often: You can operate for longer periods in between fill-ups thanks to large-capacity fuel tanks, which also have wide fill necks for easy refueling. The convenient fill location is behind the operator, where spills cannot harm the paint finish on the hood, like with competitive models.
  • Quick and Easy Fluid Level Checks: A dipstick located at the rear of the tractor allows you to check transmission, rear axle, and hydraulic system fluid levels. A large fill port is also provided here.
  • Filters Provide All-Around Protection: Dual-element air filter protects the engine in dusty conditions; Single-element fuel filter protects the engine's fuel injection system from rust, dirt and water; A full-flow, spin-on oil filter provides protection to the engine lubricating system.
FWD Axle Features
  • Exceptional Maneuverability: No matter what the task, you’ll appreciate having one of the tightest turnaround diameters in the industry. Our FWD axle comes standard on all models and lets you maneuver effortlessly around obstacles and make extra-tight turns when mowing, grading or performing any other task on your “to do” list.
  • Plenty of Strength: The Boomer’s FWD axle is designed for your heaviest jobs. With plenty of cast iron and steering cylinders positioned up and out of the way, Boomers are ready for your toughest tasks in the roughest conditions.
  • Extra Traction on Demand: It’s reassuring to have extra traction when you need it. Simply engage the FWD lever to instantly employ the front wheels for additional traction in slippery conditions.
  • Type: 4-cylinder, diesel
  • Number of cylinders / Aspiration: 4 / Natural
  • Displacement, cu. in. (L): 135.2 (2.2)
  • Gross engine power, hp (kW): 40.2 (30)
  • PTO horsepower, hp (kW) - Gear: 31.6 (23.5)
  • PTO horsepower, hp (kW) - HST: 29.8 (22.1)
  • Rated speed (rpm): 2600
  • Fuel type: Standard diesel fuels or B5 Biodeisel (Meeting ASTM 6751 standards)
  • Air filter: Dual element, dry type with cleanable outer element and replaceable inner safety element
  • Lubrication: Full flow, pressure feed lubrication with spin-on filter cartridge
  • Emissionization standard: Tier IV
  • Fuel tank capacity, gal (L): 10.5 (40) / 12.4 (47) Cab
  • Exhaust Type: Under hood
  • Foot Throttle: Standard
  • Cold Start Aid: Glow Plug
  • Traction clutch - Gear transmission: Dry, 11-inch (275 mm) diameter organic plate
  • Type - Gear: 16Fx16R with 4 syncronized gears, 4 constant mesh ranges and synchronized dash-mounted shuttle
  • Type - HST: 3 Range, dual-pedal (Fwd/Rev) hydrostatic transmission
  • Cruise Control: Standard on HST
Rear 3-Point Hitch
  • Category: Category I
  • Position control: One lever - Mechanical
  • Drop rate control: Standard
  • Draft control: Optional - Top Link sensing
  • Drawbar: 2-position swinging / extendable
  • OECD lift capacity @ ball ends, lbs (kg): 2756 (1250)
  • Rear PTO: Electro-hydraulic engaged, Independent 540-RPM, w/ flip-up PTO shield
  • Mid PTO: Optional - Independent 2000RPM
  • System type: Open center, fixed displacement gear pump
  • Implement pump capacity, gpm (lpm): 8.2 (31.2)
  • Steering & services system, gpm (lpm): Hydrostatic power steering w/dedicated gear pump, Gear = 4.2 (15.9) / HST = 5.3 (19.4)
  • Total maximum tractor flow, gpm (lpm): 4.2 (15.9) Gear, 5.3 (19.9) HST
  • Remote valves: Optional; max of 2 open center, rear mounted, 3 position, self centering.
  • Loader control valve: Standard
  • Battery capacity (Amp hours / cold cranking amps): 85/660
  • Lighting: 2 - hi/lo beam halogen headlights, 2 - halogen front-corner work lights, 2 - tail / brake lights, 2 - hazard / turn signals
  • Instrumentation: Analog tachometer, fuel gauge, coolant temperature, hour meter.
  • Alternator: 85 amp
  • Service brakes: Dual-pedal mechanically actuated wet disc
  • Parking brake: Engage hand-lever, foot-assist service brake
Front Axle
  • FWD Axle: Standard
  • Front differential lock: Limited slip
  • FWD clutch engagement: Mechanical lever
Rear Axle
  • Rear differential lock: Mechanical foot pedal engagement
Operator Area / General
  • Seat: Fore / Aft / Weight adjustable with spring suspension
  • Operator Floor: Sound dampening, anti-slip rubber mat
  • Steering column: Tilting
  • Cup holder / Tray: Standard
  • Hood design: One piece, flip-up hood on gas strut
  • ROPS: Foldable
Dimensions / Weight
  • Approx shipping length, in (mm) (w/ R4 tires) ROPS: 128.1 (3254)
  • Approx shipping width, in (mm) (w/ R4 tires) ROPS: 69.1 (1755)
  • Approx shipping height, in (mm) (w/ R4 tires) ROPS: 97.1 (2466)
  • Approx shipping weight, lbs (kg) (w/ R4 tires) ROPS: 3424 (1553) Gear, 3490 (1583) HST
  • Height (CAB) in. (cm): 94 (238.76) Cab
  • Weight lbs. (kg): 4194 (1903) Cab



Engine Type
4-cylinder, diesel Tier IV
40.2 hp (30 kW)
Gear: 31.6 hp (23.5 kW); HST: 29.8 hp (22.1 kW)
Rated RPM
2600 rpm


ROPS: 97.1 in. (2466 mm); Cab: 94 in. (238.76 cm)
69.1 in. (1755 mm)
Weight: ROPS Gear: 3424 lb. (1553 kg); ROPS HST: 3490 lb. (1583 kg); Cab: 4194 lb. (1903 kg)


Fuel Capacity
ROPS: 10.5 gal. (40 L); Cab: 12.4 gal. (47 L)
Gear: 16Fx16R with 4 syncronized gears, 4 constant mesh ranges and synchronized dash-mounted shuttle; HST: 3 Range, dual-pedal (Fwd/Rev) hydrostatic transmission
Dual-pedal mechanically actuated wet disc
Type: Open center, fixed displacement gear pump; Total maximum tractor flow: Gear: 4.2 gpm (15.9 Lpm); HST: 5.3 gpm (19.9 Lpm)