Unit NumberUnit YearMake (Long)Model (Long)Specifications (External)Unit Suggested List PriceUnit Dealer List Price
2905000CASE IH1020 30'25' grain head,$12,000$12,000
31882UNVERFERTHT25header cart$3,000$3,000
33019J&MCARTheader cart$3,100$3,100
33120CASE IH1020 25'with header cart$12,500$12,500
33142CASE IH1020 25'with header cart, SCH cutter bar$15,000$15,000
33168UNVERFERTHT25Unverferth header cart$3,300$3,300
3319513CASE IH3020 35'CWS wind system, 3" knife, Killbros 2 wheel steer header cart$45,000$45,000
3319613CASE IH3020 35'excellent shape, 900 acres$28,500$28,500
3341011CASE IH3020 25'no hydraulic cab, knife adjustment, Crary wind system, long tube, short tube configuration$24,500$24,500

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